A new and better way to manage compliance and traceability.

We automatically track and aggregate compliance data to help companies reduce risk and streamline supply-chain processes.

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powering provenance

Origin8 Cloud is an innovative traceability platform built and customised to streamline your compliance process.


Hassle Free Compliance

For highly regulated industries, the digital twin enables tracking of compliance certification all along the supply chain, reducing paperwork and effort.


Proven Product Quality

Consumers can trust product quality while manufacturers can protect their brand integrity against counterfeit goods and the grey market.


Transparent Proof
of Origin

Our traceability platform builds consumer trust through transparency and proof of origin while delivering on the sustainability promise of manufacturers


De-risked Compliance Process

Our platform, reduces organisational risk and improves governance, through a transparent view of the supply chain that can be trusted

Our cloud based software-as-a-service platform allows you to securely store and retrieve supply chain information on-demand while enabling all stakeholders to view and analyse data relevant to them.

Digital Services & Consulting


Build trust through the fulfilment of immutable smart contracts within global supply chains by utilising blockchain technology.


Efficient supply chain data collection through GS1 Data Matrix Barcodes and automated indexing algorithms.


RESTful APIs allow customers to embed the technology into their own supply chain management tools.

Machine Learning

Machine learning and context-aware models are utilised for automated data identification and analysis.

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