A new and better way to manage compliance certification

We automatically track and aggregate compliance certification to help EU merchants reduce risk and improve customer experiences.

Construction Products

Construction Products Regulation (CPR)
The Construction Products Regulation lays down harmonised rules for CE marking and marketing of construction products across the EU.
Declaration of Performance (DOP)
All construction products covered by a harmonised European standard or European Technical Assessment require a DOP to set out performance standards.
Irish Building Control (Amendment) Regulations
Under the Irish Building Control Amendment Regulations (BCAR), certifiers require DOPs from Contractors to prove building materials used are compliant.

Chemical Products

REACH Regulation
REACH applies to all chemical substances that are manufactured, imported, placed on the market or used within the European Community.
Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
Safety Data Sheets are the primary means of communicating information on the hazards of chemicals and the risks to human health and the environment
Chemicals Act & COSHH
The Irish Chemicals Act enforces certain EU Regulations while the UK has regulations for the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)
To help companies comply with legal requirements, reduce risk and improve customer experiences we automatically track and aggregate Safety Data Sheets and Declaration of Performance documents.


  • Hassle-free Compliance

    Our cloud platform reduces waste across companies by centrally delivering and maintaining compliance certificates across large product ranges

  • De-risked Compliance Process

    Origin8 reduces organisational risk and improves governance, through a transparent view of product certification

  • Proven Product Quality

    Consumers can trust product quality while manufacturers can protect their brand integrity against counterfeit goods and the grey market.

Origin8 Cloud Platform

Central Supplier Portal

Suppliers and manufacturers have access to centrally upload compliance certification for syndication to merchants

Branded Merchant Portal

Merchants have access to a branded portal for retrieval of compliance certification for products listed in their catalogue.

Automated Indexers
Our technology crawls manufacturer websites, indexing documents and search for updates to deliver accurate results
OCR Powered by ML
All compliance documents are searchable through industry leading OCR powered by machine learning.
All features and data in our platform is accessible through a flexible API toolkit allowing seamless integration.

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